Our off-road dune buggy vehicles will take you through Australia's sandy terrains. It's ten times more fun when you have a car that can easily navigate the dunes. Due to the custom-built dune buggies, it's almost as if you're gliding through the dunes.

You can buy yourself the perfect dune buggy today and set out on a great off the road adventure. Penrith Pit Bike distributes all kinds of off-road bikes and vehicles in Australia, including the incredible dune buggy. Don't let anything stop you from expediting in the wild deserts of Australia. Come to our bike shop and buy your off-road dune buggy today. 

We have a wide range of sandy terrain vehicles from renowned manufacturers such as Crossfire Motorcycles, Trailmaster, Mud Monster, Zuma, etc. Just visit our store or our interactive website today and place your order now! 


Times have changed, and so have people. Nowadays, there are more than dozens of ways of entertainment. The same goes for bike riding as increased options are available to people than ever before. You can head to the circuits and drive off-road Go-Karts or visit the desert and loop over the dune buggies. 

Every year, we get thousands of orders for off-road dune buggy vehicles. And every customer has their own needs, budget and preference when it comes to off-road Go-karts & sandy terrain buggies. Thankfully, we have a wide range of rough terrain vehicles in our shop. And thus, you can pick whichever vehicle best suits your purpose and budget. 

Our Off-Road Dune Buggy Vehicles' Collection

Are you searching for a side-by-side dune buggy or single-seat vehicle that takes you through the biggest dunes of the deserts? Whatever your wish may be, Penrith Pit Bike can surely fulfil them. That's our promise! 

So, let's see a few of the off-road dune buggy vehicles that are available for sale! You will love our range of Crossfire Motorcycles, Trailmaster, Mud Monster, etc. That's our second promise to you! 

  • 2021 300cc TrailMaster Cheetah Buggy

  • Crossfire Motorcycles 400GT 

  • Crossfire Motorcycles 600GT 

  • Trailermaster Cheetah Dune Buggy 

  • Mud Monster 1000 KIDS Off Road Go Kart 

  • Crossfire Blazer 200R

  • TrailBlazer midi xrx 200cc Buggy

  • Zuma Bilby Buggy Go Kart 

As you can see, you are not limited to options when you come to Penrith Pit Bike. We have off-road go-karts, pit bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, etc. Thus, there's no better place than our bike shop. Besides, our prices are competitive, and that's something in itself a significant factor contributing to our success! 


We want you to visit our bike shop. That's the best thing to do if you are indeed looking for a fine off-road dune buggy. But are you still having some reservations on whether to visit our shop or go somewhere else? That's something natural, and almost every consumer thinks like that before purchasing anything, let alone an off-road vehicle. Of course, you would be a bit hesitant at first. Don't worry; we will clear your doubts in just a minute!


We will take you through a series of benefits that come along when you shop at Penrith Pit Bike. 

  • You get an assured warranty from the original manufacturer/dealer when you shop any off-road go-karts or dune buggy vehicles. 

  • Our shop sells bikes from Crossfire Motorcycles, Trailmaster, Zuma, etc. 

  • We also provide maintenance and servicing for your used and old all-terrain vehicles. 

  • You can purchase any of our all-terrain bikes straight from the website. 

  • Our customers can pay the cart amount through PayPal or direct money transfer. 

  • And if you come to our store for a pick-up, you can pay through cash! 

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