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Introducing the RFN EVO RACING 18″ Electric Kids Bike – Where Adventure Meets Innovation!

Prepare to ignite your child’s sense of adventure with the RFN EVO RACING 18 Electric Kids Bike. Crafted with precision engineering and top-tier features, this bike is designed to provide your young rider with a thrilling and safe introduction to the world of electric mobility.

High-Powered Performance:
Equipped with a robust 36V 500W Brushless motor, the RFN EVO 18 is no ordinary kids bike. Its advanced Sine wave controller features state-of-the-art motor algorithms, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride, even for beginners.

Swappable Lithium Power:
The removable 36V 5AH lithium battery is not only high-powered but also easily swappable, allowing your child to extend the adventure with a spare battery. Keep the fun going without long charging breaks.

Extended Adventures:
With a run time of up to 1hr 15 minutes (on lowest speed modes) on a single charge, your child can enjoy extended playtime before recharging.

All-Terrain Dominance:
With 18×2.5″ all-terrain tyres, the EVO 18 conquers various surfaces with ease, from smooth pavements to rugged trails. Let your young explorer roam freely, discovering new horizons.

Built to Last:
The RFN EVO 18 boasts an aluminum frame that combines durability with a lightweight design. It can handle the bumps and tumbles that come with learning to ride.

Three-Speed Thrills:
The bike features three-speed modes for all skill levels, including Eco (15 km/h), Low (22 km/h), and Sport (30 km/h), allowing riders of various skill levels to choose their preferred pace.

Performance Dual Suspension:
Say goodbye to rough rides. The dual suspension system ensures a comfortable and stable journey, absorbing shocks and bumps along the way.

Reliable Braking:
Safety comes first with hydraulic disc brakes, providing dependable stopping power, giving parents peace of mind.

The RFN EVO 18 Electric Kids Bike is not just a ride, it’s an adventure waiting to happen. Get your young explorer on the path to electric mobility, learning balance, control, and having a blast while doing it!




  • Range Up to 1hr 15mins Run Time (On Eco Mode)
  • Top Speed 30km/h


  • EVO 18 36V / 180Wh, 5AH Lithium
  • Batteries are removable, swappable and can be charged in bike or separately.


  • Mode 1 Eco mode: Lowest Speed Mode 15km/h
  • Mode 2 Low mode: Medium Speeds of 22km/h
  • Mode 3 Sport mode: Max Speed 30km/h


  • Hill Ability Up to 20% Inclines
  • Seat Adjustable Height
  • Warranty 1 Year


  • EVO 18 Hydraulic with 160mm Disc


  • 2-3h with Fast Charging Functionality


  • Power On/Off with 3 Speed Modes and Safety Cut Off Lanyard Switch


  • Sine wave, Best-in-class power density and state-of-the-art motor control algorithms.


  • Electric Motor Brushless Hub
  • Power 500W


  • Frame Aluminium
  • Handlebars Aluminium
  • Foot Pegs Aluminium


  • Front Hydraulic Lock Out, Spring Adjustable 100mm Travel
  • Rear Air/Oil Mixed Shock – Adjustable


  • Tyres 18×2.5″ All Terrain Tyres


  • Seat Height 690 – 780mm
  • Overall 1450mm
  • Ground Clearance 240mm
  • Wheel Base 1000mm


  • N.W of Battery 2 kg
  • N.W of Bike 20.58kg
  • Max Loading 50 kg

Warranty Periods:

  • 1 Year’s on RFN Electric Bikes
  • 6 Month’s on Products Sold as “Ex-Demo” or “Refurbished” items
  • 3 Month’s on any Parts & Accessories*

What Our Warranty Covers:

  • Manufacturers Faults, defects and/or Failure
  • Original Purchasers of Product where a Receipt is Presentable

What We Don’t Cover:

  • Damage or Failure due to misuse (eg. freestyle activities)
  • Damage caused by failure to service or uphold regular maintenance
  • Damage caused from water, natural disaster, fires, storms or floods
  • Damage caused from foreign objects or debris
  • Damage caused by incorrect fitment, installation or assembly
  • Damage caused during freight (Please opt for freight insurance at the checkout if you require)
  • Damaged caused by failure to uphold Maintenance Schedule as outline on the manual
  • Wear and Tear Items eg. Tyres, Tubes, Bearings, Brake Pads & Discs
  • Modification, Alterations, and Installation of parts that are not supplied as original equipment or where the device is altered from it’s original manufacturers state
  • Failure of components/parts/accessories used on foreign brands products, for “DIY” purposes or where the item is used on products that are not Ampd Brothers branded items. Eg. Ampd Brothers batteries used on home made custom built bikes.
  • Persons who are not the Original Purchaser as listed on the Receipt
  • Claims outside the Valid Warranty Date from the Date of Receipt
  • Products that were won as Prizes in exclusive competitions or giveaways
  • Any Packaging required to pack items Securely for Return Repairs
  • *Accessories such as Clothing, Bags, Tyres, Tubes, Serviceable Fluids, Perishables or Wear and Tear items

What Happens When I Have a Warranty Problem?

      1. Contact a member of our team to assist with diagnosing the problem
      2. If a manufacturers fault is established we will ship out the replacement part OR
      3. If the fault requires a technician to diagnose, repair or install components we will direct you to one of our dealers, a local bike store or technician for further attention OR
      4. In extreme and isolated cases we will arrange return of the product to us at our own expense.

Note: Items that are required to be returned for repairs will need to be packed securely for freight, of which it is up to the purchaser to ensure that the product is packed securely for this return process. Any Damages caused during freight are not warrantable nor covered by Ampd Brothers.

RFN Australia takes customer safety seriously and with this in mind we hereby declare that any modification, alterations, and installation of parts that are not RFN Australia parts or supplied as original equipment by the manufacturer are not covered by warranty.

RFN Australia will void any product warranty immediately and not take any responsibilities for any problems arising from modifications, alterations, or aftermarket replacement on the following parts (including but not limited to): battery, motor, controller, throttle, transmission system, suspension systems and braking systems, etc.

The above mentioned alteration or modification to such parts can pose serious safety risks that could cause injury or even death.


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