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Bush Ranger 200cc Four Stroke Automatic Off Road 2 Seater Go-Kart

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Bush Ranger 200cc Four Stroke Automatic Off-Road 2 Seater Go-Kart

$2990 In crate assembly required

Assembled $3250  

The Bush Ranger 200 Go-Kart is the best introduction for 8 years to teens, to teach them driving skills while having fun at the same time. There is no safer way for your kids to embark on an adventure that they will remember for a lifetime.

The Bush Ranger 200 Go-Kart is a safer alternative to Quad bikes due to a lower centre of gravity and a wider wheelbase which reduces the possibility of rollover, and in the event of this occurring rally-style 5 point seat belts keep them in their seat and the roll cage provides the additional protection for their heads, however, helmets must still be worn so to protect your child’s head from coming into contact with the roll cage when the going gets tough.

This tough kart is capable of 50 KPH which can be governed. The CVT automatic transmission makes for an easy and stresses free driving experience needing only to steer and apply the foot throttle and brake.

Starting the Bush Ranger 200 is as simple a press of a button, where the engine will roar into life via the electric start or if the battery flat simply pull start from the engines re-coil starter.

It has 4 point shock absorbers making off-road driving more enjoyable as well as large all-terrain tubeless mud tyres. The Bush Ranger 200 is seriously the best off-road Go-Kart out there with the most features and improvements of all the brands, check and compare and you will see for yourself.

Full spares back up and carried in stock and supported by a parts and labour warranty

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Weight 175 kg
Dimensions 173 × 113 × 66 cm


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Bush Ranger 200cc Four Stroke Automatic Off Road 2 Seater Go-Kart

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