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Bring your garage or backyard to life with the ultimate fun riding experience. Quad bikes are genuinely unique.

A conventional quad bike has a straddled seat, handlebar, and storage in the front. Australians enjoy using this superb off-road bike for various tasks regularly. We think your kids might enjoy riding one of these fantastic ATV vehicles on the weekends. Penrith Pit Bike offers quad bikes for sale and quad bike service in Australia at reasonable prices.



Penrith Pit Bike - The Best Place For All-Terrain Bikes

It isn't easy to find a reputable bike shop near you these days. It's more difficult to talk about specialty motorcycles like quad bikes, dirt bikes, and pit bikes. Fortunately, Penrith Pit Bike is a dependable source for all your requirements. We have everything you need, whether a quad bike to relieve stress every weekend or a dirt bike for racing.

On this page, you'll find a wide selection of quad bikes from Australia's top manufacturers. You can view all of their characteristics, pricing, and warranty information. Everything is available on our internet site. All you have to do is press a few buttons on your smartphone. So, you can rely on us whether you need a 49cc quad bike or a 125cc engine!

Welcome to Penrith's most dependable all-terrain vehicle bike business. We are proud to offer our customers a selection of the most incredible quad bikes available. That's correct! Penrith Pit Bike sells quad motorcycles and performs quad bike maintenance. One of the reasons why people from all over the country come to our bike shop is this. They have everything they require, and at a reasonable price. 

Do you want to see the different quad bikes and ATVs we have in stock? We've compiled a list of them for you!

  • Elstar AG BOSS 2022 

  • Crossfire X2 2021 ATV

  • Crossfire Mustang Evo 3 2021

  • Crossfire Mustang Evo 2 2021

  • Territory 500 EPS

  • ELSTAR ATX 125

These are the few fantastic quad bikes available in our bike shop. But we have so many other ATVs, such as the 49-cc quad bike. So don't miss out on checking those before you make up your mind! 


Your ATV vehicle is precious to you. And the folks at Penrith Pit Bike are fully aware of this emotional significance. That's why we provide individualised quad bike care that you won't find anywhere else. Your All-Terrain Vehicle will be serviced and maintained by us so that you can ride it anytime you want.

Visit our shop today for quad bike servicing. All ATV and UTV vehicle owners in Australia can benefit from our enticing incentives. Our team can diagnose any problem with your quad bike.

You deserve to ride a bike that is well-maintained, completely functional, and makes you smile. That's precisely what you'll find at our bike shop. We provide outstanding quad bike maintenance at price trouble.

Let our team know what's bothering you about your ATV vehicle. We will immediately start working on it!

  • We provide free quotes for your quad bike servicing. 

  • Our team has the best mechanics and experts in the field of motorcycles. 

  • You can buy it online. We have put every product on our website for an easy, hassle-free purchase. 

  • Our customers can pay the bill using PayPal, direct bank transfer. Or else, you can also pay us in cash while picking up your 49-cc quad bike from our store. 

  • You get an assured warranty for our ATV vehicles. 

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